Master Rulebook

last update the 21/08/2018
  • The first Qualifier (Silverstone) starts on 18 August 2018
  • You must have an account at in order to take part.
  • You must be aged 16 years or over to participate (at the time you create your account).
  • The competition is open to any player with a copy of Forza Motorsport 7 and a Xbox Live Gold valid subscription. Participants can play on PC and/or Xbox One.
  • The global competition is divided into 3 Regions: (i) Americas, (ii) Europe and Middle-East and Africa, and (iii) Asia and Australasia.
  • The Season shall comprise
  1. Six Qualifiers, each made of (i) open hotlap qualifications and (ii) a large number of ranked races
  2. And a Super Final at Le Mans in June 2019
  • The Qualifiers are linked the the real official FIA WEC program, and an external event (see detailed program for more information):
  1. Silverstone
  2. Fuji
  3. Shangai
  4. Autosport International Show (Birmingham)
  5. Sebring
  6. Spa-Francorchamps
  • Some of these Qualifiers may comprise onsite races with the best drivers from the local Region (Drivers who qualify for the #1 Ranked Race will be invited by the LMES Organization).
  • The Le Mans 2019 Super Final will be a team event and will last 24 Hours (more details soon).
  • 36 participants (in total, grouped in 12 teams) shall be invited to take part in the Super Final at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2019 as follows (as further set out in this Master Rulebook):
  1. 18 participants will be directly individually qualified from the 6 Qualifiers (each Region champion).
  2. The three Regional champions of each Qualifier will be gathered as a team for the Super Final (6 teams, one from each Qualifier). The sooner you qualify, the more time you have to get to know your teammates.
  3. These teams might get the chance to be backed by Le Mans Esports Series official Partners. Make sure not to miss this unique opportunity for your simracing career. (Further described as “LMES Sponsored Teams” if they happen to be sponsored by a LMES Partner)
  4. If you qualify directly by winning a qualifier, you won’t be allowed to quit the newly-formed team to join a team hereafter described.
  • 4 esports teams will qualify for the Super Final thanks to the points acquired by each player of the team individually (team points are the sum of its pilots points) during the six Qualifiers.
  1. Pre-existing esports teams thus have a fantastic opportunity to shine in the Le Mans Esports Series.
  2. Drivers from these teams do not have to be from each of the three Regions (they can, for example, all come from Americas).
  3. 2 teams will receive a wildcard to participate to the Super Final.
  • For each event, participants will be given a list of authorised cars and detailed settings (see each specific rule for more details)
  • Drivers are permitted to use a controller, racing wheel and/or pedals during Online Qualifiers. Drivers must use a racing wheel and pedals during onsite races (provided by the official Le Mans Esports Series partner).
  • Each participant will be awarded with points after each Qualifier, meaning that the more participants there will be, the more points the best drivers will be awarded: invite all your friends if you want to benefit from major turnarounds  during the championship!
  • Advancing to the “Onsite Events” will depend on qualifying or being invited with a wild card.
  1. Participants should be aware (if they qualify) that they must be available and able to physically attend the events (and allow sufficient time for travel to such events).
  2. Specifically, if a driver qualifies in direct qualifications and has to join a LMES Sponsored Team, they may have to sign a contract with a sponsor (and maybe leave a previous sponsor or esports team).
  • Regardless of the platform used by any participant before the “Onsite Events”, all qualified participants that compete in the Le Mans Esports Series shall be required to compete on an XBOX ONE using a simulator wheel and pedals (provided by Le Mans Esports Series Partners).
  • This Master Rulebook governs participation in the entire Le Mans Esports Series but specifically covers the format and rules relating to the championship and its Qualifiers.. Additional rules relating to the Super Final and other “Onsite Events” (covering matters including but not limited to format, rules, scoring, requirements, attendance and conduct at such events) shall be made available on the Website. Given their significance, they will also be provided to participants who qualify for such stages (and, where relevant, their parents/guardians) in hard copy, by way of supplementing this Master Rulebook.
  • All participants qualifying or being invited to proceed in the Le Mans Esports Series must sign up to all relevant (including additional) terms and conditions relating to the Le Mans Esports Series. There is however, no obligation on any participant to do so – participants can decide to withdraw from the Le Mans Esports Series at any stage if they are not prepared to agree to such terms.
  • The Le Mans Esports Series Organization (“LMES Organization”) reserves its rights to alter, amend or supplement this Master Rulebook, and any other additional Master Rulebook from time to time as it considers desirable to do so.


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