Barèmes de points et récompenses

last update the 21/02/2019

Points scale and rewards

The Le Mans Esports Series Super Season will reward the best drivers with a share of an amazing cash prize of $160,000 - plus many other 'money-can't-buy' rewards.

  1. $100,000 will be awarded after the Super Final at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2019
  2. $10,000 will be awarded after every Qualifier, divided into the three Regions
  • Europe, Middle-East and Africa
  • Americas
  • Asia and Australasia

For more information, please check the details of each qualifier.


How to qualify for the Super Final of the Le Mans Esports Series?

Whether you're a professional or an amateur driver, you can qualify in many ways for the Super Final of the first season of the Le Mans Esports Series that will take place during the 24H of Le Mans 2019.

  • Either directly through every Qualifier (a total of 18 pilots, the winners of each regional Qualifier, gathered in 6 teams)
  • Or via the championship according to the points obtained by your team throughout the season (a total of 4 esports teams)

In addition, 2 teams will be directly invited (2 wild cards) by the LMES Organizers.

Individual direct qualifications :

The three winners of Silvertsone will compose the first team (Team # 1 on the diagram), the three winners of Fuji, will compose the second and so on until Spa-Francorchamps, for a total of 6 teams.

If you intend to qualify directly, you should do it as soon as possible to  have the maximum time to get to know your two teammates. That's the spirit of automotive endurance as well!

The drivers who qualify directly throughout the 6 Qualifiers could be sponsored by some big names or brands. A not to be missed opportunity.


Teams qualifications at the end of the championship (points):

In addition to the six teams composed directly at the end of the six Qualifiers, six esports teams will be qualified for the Super Final at Le Mans 2019.

The Le Mans Esports Series want to highlight the values of endurance and especially the importance of the teams, which is why it was decided, by listening to the passionate and the long-time dedicated players, to keep six places (on a total of 12) for the Super Final for  existing esports teams who will compete during the whole championship.

Four of these teams will be qualified through points, and the other two teams will be invited via the Wild Cards.


The points attributed at the end of each stage / race are not constant. they depend on the total number of participants : the more you will be, the more the number of total points awarded will be important, as shown below :


This mechanism presents many advantages :

  • All participants are rewarded, no matter what their level is.
  • The drivers can take part to the championship at anytime during the first season, without having any chance to qualify
  • Some sudden changes can take place until the very end of the championship (think about sharing it with your friends, by participating, they may help you win some valuable places in the general ranking)


Wild cards

Wild Cards for the Super Final will be rewarded by the organiser of the competition to two teams.