Detailed program of the 6 Qualifiers

last update the 9/7/18

The first season of LE MANS ESPORTS SERIES is made of 6 qualifiers and a Super Final at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in june 2019.

The championship starts during the 6 Hours of Silverstone in August 2018, a race of the FIA WEC, the World Endurance Championship.

Detailed explanation of every Qualifier

Each of the six Qualifiers of the Le Mans Esports Series is divided into 2 stages :  

  1. Hotlap qualifications of participants on :
  2. Ranked races with 10 pilots (the higher the level of your race, the more points you will score in the general ranking)
  • All the qualified drivers for the races stage will be notified on the website’s interface, please make sure to visit the website regularly.
  • The races start on a specified date and at a time specified in the invitation you receive on the website, be sure to be very punctual, otherwise the other drivers will have to start the race without you (you have 10 minutes after the official time of the start of your race to validate your presence and join the other drivers of the race)
  • At the end of your race, you are invited to inform the results and to request an arbitration if you consider it is necessary.


  1. The detailed dates are listed in the Agenda page on the Website, and are subject to changes.
  2. All qualification periods last 13 days.
  3. Within each qualification period, drivers have the opportunity to participate as many time as they want, in accordance with this Online Rulebook
  4. Each “match” lasts 3 laps
  5. Drivers can sign in qualifications even when they are started.
  6. Once the 3 laps finished, results are analyzed by our system and checked by our referees
  7. Drivers can try as many times as they want to make the best hotlap as possible.
  8. In the end, only each driver’s best time is taken into account.

Ranked races:

  1. Drivers are then ranked
  2. Once ranked, drivers are allocated to races with specific settings, dates and time that can be checked on the website.
  3. Regarding settings, top races will be played in real condition settings, whereas lower races will use the phantom mode in order to provide players with the best possible experience
  4. The number of races will vary in time, please refer to the Qualifiers program (“Ongoing qualifier”) for further details.
  5. Please, be aware that if your do not manage to click the “ready” button during the 10-minute check-in, you will be automatically disqualified from your race and considered as the last player regarding allocated points.

LMES may, at its sole discretion extend, shorten or otherwise amend the qualification period and races dates.

Special case of the “Onsite” events

In all cases, hotlap qualifying rounds are played online.

Meanwhile, among the 6 Qualifiers, two will see their #1 Races played onsite in public, with the best pilots of the regions :

  • Fuji, in Japan, with the best 10 pilots of the Asia region at the end of qualifiers.
  • Autosport International at Birmingham in England, with the best 10 drivers of the Europe, Middle-East & Africa region.

The other races (Race #2 and what follows) will be played online, as with the other Qualifiers.

In addition, for these three onsite events, 2 places will be reserved for the drivers present on site who will be able to try to qualify onsite just before the final race (a race on simulators with steering wheels, and on three laps only).

These last chance places are in low numbers and the access to simulators is not guaranteed, we recommend you do everything possible to qualify earlier online.

Surpass yourself like never before in order to qualify for these three exceptional events ahead of the Super Final which will take place in parallel to the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2019!